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Skin Cancer Screening

Get a leg up on suspicious skin lesions & enjoy a clean bill of health.

Knowing is better than guessing.

Schedule Your Full-Body Skin Cancer Screening in Chicago

Sometimes, you can afford to play the odds. Other times, it’s best to be proactive about highly likely outcomes. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. For many of us, it’s a matter of when, not if—especially if you have a close relative with a history of skin cancer. Naturally, nobody wants to receive news of this kind. But knowing one way or the other can literally make the difference between a long life and a short battle against a deadly disease. For these reasons alone, skin cancer screenings are highly recommended.

There is good news, though: when detected early, some skin cancers have up to a 99% survival rate. At Skin MD, LLC, we know how serious skin cancer can be. That’s why we recommend regular screenings at least once each year—especially for those with a family history or a lifetime of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Regardless of your circumstances, knowing about your health is better than guessing. Call Skin MD today and know for certain that you’re healthy.

Get Screened for Skin Cancer Today.

At Skin MD, we know that even as a hypothetical situation, skin cancer is frightening. That’s why we lead with compassion, communicate transparently, and offer expert guidance. Call today.

The ABCDE Method for Detecting Melanoma

It’s generally not easy or even possible to spot skin cancer with the naked eye. Biopsies and other tests are much better at confirming or denying the presence of cancer. That said, there are certain methods we can use to identify concerning spots. Our vigilance is the first line of defense against life-threatening disease.

The ABCDE method can help you identify areas of concern. Afterward, you can take these concerns to your dermatologist for the ultimate skin care collaboration.

Use the ABCDE Method:

  • Asymmetry: Concerning spots are unevenly shaped or circular.
  • Border: Irregular or poorly defined borders may be cause for concern.
  • Color: Dangerous moles/lesions change colors, while benign spots usually don’t.
  • Diameter: Lesions larger in diameter than a pencil eraser need to be checked out.
  • Evolution: Changing characteristics could indicate danger.

What To Expect During Your Skin Cancer Screening

You may be at a higher risk of skin cancer if a close relative was diagnosed, if you’re fair-skinned, if you have a history of severe sunburn, or if you’ve spent substantial time outdoors without applying sunscreen. Here’s what you can expect during your skin cancer screening.

Steps of a Skin Cancer Screening:

  • Schedule Your Appointment – Call us today at 708-636-3767 or contact us online.
  • Prepare – Please refrain from applying cosmetics, styling your hair, or painting your nails.
  • Arrive – Change into the provided robe for a full-body screening. This is also the time to bring any suspicious moles or lesions to your doctor’s attention.
  • Next Steps – You’ll receive either a clean bill of health or a follow-up appointment for a biopsy, Mohs surgery, or other diagnostic exams.

As double board-certified dermatologists, we focus our attention on melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and Merkel cell carcinoma. We’re also able to identify and diagnose additional forms of skin cancer and chronic skin conditions.

For the ultimate peace of mind, consider scheduling annual exams if you’re at a heightened risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer screenings can be intimidating, but with the support of loved ones and the excellent care on offer at Skin MD, you’ll leave feeling better about your health, happiness, and future.


What Patients Say About Our Screenings

A Caring, Human Touch

Dr. Sergeyenko is fantastic. He’s very detailed and attentive and seems to really care about patients. The office is very well run and uses the right amount of technology to execute their business…but you can always get a human on the line if you need to. Flexible hours, too.

T. Huestis
Rating: 5

Always Welcoming New Patients

It was my first appt at the Evergreen location and I was very pleased with the service and staff. I saw Dr. Chris Krippinger. He knew right away what was happening to my skin and provided a treatment plan. It’s been two weeks and I am seeing the results. I recommend Skin MD.

Rita B.
Rating: 5

Listening to Patients of All Ages

Me and my son love the excellent customer service, and care that we get here. From the front desk all the way down to the physician, they take their time to listen and provide the best care. We really appreciate everyone here.

Latisha D.
Rating: 5


Why Choose Skin MD For Skin Cancer Screening?

Family Dermatology

At Skin MD, we serve everyone. From pediatric dermatology to teens & adults, our providers treat patients of all ages with respect & expertise.

Skin Care Versatility

From acne treatments and Mohs Surgery to 21st-century cosmetic solutions like microneedling & lip fillers, we have you covered.

World-Class Providers

Our providers are leaders in their field with numerous fellowships, publications, professional memberships, & academic achievements to their names.

Multiple Locations

We serve several Chicago communities, including Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park. Find a Skin MD office near you!

Financing & Promotions

We make getting the care you need affordable with expert financing options, frequently updated promotions, & so much more.

Your Questions Answered

Skin Cancer Screening FAQs

Skin cancer affects people of all races, ages, and genders. If you are in a high-risk category (family history, fair skin, prolonged UV exposure), you might consider a skin cancer screening as early as 18 or 20 years old. By establishing your baseline as soon as possible, you give your dermatologist a head start on detecting any abnormalities down the line.

Additionally, if you’ve used the ABCDEs of melanoma to identify a suspicious spot, it’s best to get it checked right away. Call Skin MD, LLC, in Chicago, IL, at 708-636-3767.

Visual inspections can’t always identify skin cancer. Biopsies are much better at detecting cancerous cells. That said, vigilance at home can help you guide the care you receive from dermatologists in Chicago. Be on the lookout for blemishes or lesions that are asymmetrical, have poorly defined borders, change color, are larger in diameter than a pencil eraser, and that change characteristics over time.
Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare form of skin cancer that affects Merkel cells in the epidermis (topmost skin layer). Starting as a painless lump in areas at higher risk of sun exposure (head, neck, arms, legs), this cancer develops aggressively. That said, early detection followed by surgical excision or Mohs surgery can and does save lives.

If you have a spot that needs to be checked out, contact Skin MD in Chicago today.

Contact Skin MD Today & Save a Life

Some medical issues pose an existential risk. Skin cancer is certainly one of those issues. But with early detection, expert dermatologists, and the most advanced treatments, you can catch and remove cancerous moles before they threaten your future. If you’re fair-skinned, spend long hours in the sun, or have a family history of cancer, it’s time to schedule your skin cancer screening at Skin MD in Chicago, IL.

With nothing less than your life on the line, knowing about your health is better than guessing. Schedule your appointment today and get the expert help and guidance you need.