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Skin care & self-care starts with a relaxing, safe, & effective facial.

The cornerstone of skin care.

Best Medical-Grade Facials Near Chicago, IL

Beauty enthusiasts in Chicago know that skin care is a marathon, not a sprint. We protect and nourish our skin for both the short and long terms, much like a farmer tends to their fields. Naturally, the cornerstone of any skin care and self-care routine is your choice of regular facials. But if you’re not careful, you could end up with a scalp massage and a dollop of lotion rather than the guided, customized skin care you need. At Skin MD, we take facials to the next level.

Starting with a skin analysis, we can then create a customized facial treatment for any skin type, any skin tone, and any chronic skin condition you may have. From wrinkles and loose skin to blemishes and old acne scars, you’ll find a facial treatment that checks all the boxes at one of our skin clinics in Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park. Ditch the one-size-fits-all facial you’ve relied on for too long and embrace a more bespoke solution from the expert dermatologists at Skin MD!

Accelerate Your Skin Care Routine With Advanced Facials.

Specific skin concerns require a specific skin care approach. At Skin MD, we combine the relaxation you expect with the science that creates the results you crave. Contact us today!

Our Advanced Facials in Chicago, IL

Some nutrients and proteins benefit any skin type. Regardless of the specifics, skin should be hydrated, nourished, protected against damage, and rich in collagen. But beyond these commonalities, your skin needs are unique to you. That’s why we start with an expert skin analysis.

Our skin imaging cameras are capable of detecting developing wrinkles, sebum (oil) production, skin texture, skin grain, hydration levels, pore size, sun damage, inflammation, and too much more to list. Once we understand your skin, we can pair you with a facial that’s perfect.

Our Advanced Facial Options:

  • Customized Facial: Your aesthetician creates this customized facial just for you based on the results of a skin analysis. Depending on your needs, this treatment includes deep cleansing, steam exfoliation, a relaxing facial massage, and a hydrating mask.
  • Oxygen Detox Facial: Draw out impurities, improve clarity, boost hydration, and brighten skin with this oxygenating facial. Meridian gua sha massage techniques and oxygen infusion work together to re-sculpt facial contours, press away wrinkles, detox stressed skin, and create a “glass skin” glow.
  • Back Facial: This specially formulated treatment helps to clarify, hydrate, and soften the skin of your back. This treatment targets your specific skin type and effectively treats clogged pores and acne, leaving the skin of your back smooth and refreshed.
  • Microdermabrasion: This beloved treatment works by deeply and comprehensively exfoliating the skin. Our skin regenerates entirely every month, but as we age, dead skin sticks around. This layer of gray, dead skin cells discolors your skin and compromises the next generation of healthy cells trying to emerge from underneath.
  • Dermaplaning: Peach fuzz (or extremely fine and stubborn facial hair) adds an unwelcome halo to otherwise smooth skin. With a small, sharp, safe razor, we remove this peach fuzz and the layer of decaying skin that clings on long past its expiration date.
  • LED FACIAL: Indulge in our brand new 60-minute facial that works to stimulate collagen production, kill acne-causing bacteria, help heal wounds, improve skin tone and texture, and much more!

Expert Facial Enhancements for Customized Care

Skin care is a vital part of any self-care routine, but at Skin MD, we know that facials are an indulgence, too. If you’re treating your skin already, why not add a little something special on top? With our curated list of facial add-ons and enhancements, you can get the care you need and expect while treating yourself and your skin.

Our Facial Add-Ons:

  • Bio Cell Sheet Mask: This serum-saturated mask features freeze-dried marine collagen and an advanced microencapsulation delivery system for unparalleled results. Marine collagen, potent peptides, powerful antioxidants, botanical extracts, and Vitamin C combine to hydrate, brighten, and firm your skin. Expect a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just one treatment.
  • Firming Eye Mask: This cooling eye mask dramatically minimizes the appearance of expression lines, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes. It features potent peptides, red and green algae extracts, and hyaluronic acid in a sophisticated micro-delivery system to smooth, brighten, and firm the eye areas while encouraging collagen synthesis.
  • High Frequency: With our high-frequency add-on, you can prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, and fade dark eye circles.


What Our Facial Clients Say

An Amazing Facial Experience

From the warm welcome to the personalized treatment, everything was exceptional. Elise’s expert touch made the facial incredibly relaxing. Her attention to detail and personalized skincare advice set her apart. I left feeling rejuvenated and grateful for such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Elise and I can’t wait for my next visit!

Lina O.
Rating: 5

My Skin looks & Feels Radiant

Elise, the aesthetician at SkinMD, did an amazing job with my customized facial. She was able to efficiently evaluate my skin and give me insight on what my skin care routine should be! The facial was super relaxing/my skin looked and feels radiant!

Hannah H.
Rating: 5

The Best Experience

I went in for a consultation with Yara. She listened to my concerns asked questions of my past experiences with peels. I went in feeling awful about my acne which gradually got worse over the years. She recommended the VI Peel And then followed up with a facial w/extractions (2 separate appointments). After each of my appointments she called me to follow up to see how I was doing which honestly you don’t see this type of customer service anymore. This was the best experience I had in a very long time.

Christina M.
Rating: 5


Why Choose Skin MD For Advanced Skin Care Facials?

Trained Aestheticians

Our licensed aestheticians care deeply about your skin & enjoy nothing better than offering customized solutions to meet your goals.

Skin Care Versatility

From acne treatments and Mohs Surgery to 21st-century cosmetic solutions like microneedling & lip fillers, we have you covered.

World-Class Providers

Our providers are leaders in their field with numerous fellowships, publications, professional memberships, & academic achievements to their names.

Multiple Locations

We serve several Chicago communities, including Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park. Find a Skin MD office near you!

Financing & Promotions

We make getting the care you need affordable with expert financing options, frequently updated promotions, & so much more.

Your Questions Answered

Facials FAQs

The frequency of your preferred facial treatments depends heavily on your needs, the details of your facial treatment, and your individual skin concerns. On average, we encourage patients to return for facials every four to six weeks. Naturally, this range will change if you have chronic skin conditions (such as acne or rosacea).

At Skin MD, we’re devoted to offering custom skin solutions. Find an advanced facial and a regular routine that works for you by starting with a skin analysis. Call us today at 708-636-3767 to schedule your consultation.

If you suffer from acne scars, poor skin texture, or oily skin, you know that some areas just won’t heal or grow right. Dermaplaning uses a special instrument called a dermatome to remove the smallest layer of surface skin. This instrument skims over old scars and gently shaves away the tissue that holds back your natural healing response. Dermaplaning also exfoliates skin and removes stubborn peach fuzz for a smoother, brighter, healthier complexion.
For adults and teens, back acne isn’t just embarrassing—it’s painful. Thankfully, some advanced facials can work anywhere, including your back. Our “back facial” treatment washes away the oils, toxins, and dead cells that contribute to acne outbreaks on your back. Afterward, this facial hydrates and nourishes your back, helping it heal and reducing the intensity or frequency of future outbreaks.

To learn more about treating acne—wherever it occurs—contact Skin MD today!

Find Your Best Face & Best Facial with Skin MD in Chicago

Each of us can benefit from a dedicated at-home skin care routine. But sometimes, your skin needs something more to reach its full potential. Our scientifically-backed, advanced facials go far beyond the products and nutrients you can buy from store shelves. For acne, fine lines, discolorations, blemishes, loose skin, uneven texture, and so much more, there’s a customized facial for you at Skin MD in Chicago, IL.

Get started with an expert skin analysis today and let us pair you with a facial that you’ll love again and again. Take your skin care routine to the next level with Skin MD today!