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Lip Fillers

A quick, simple injection is all that stands between you & the lips of your dreams.

Perfectly kissable, always.

Expert Aestheticians & Lip Fillers in Chicago, IL

If eyes are the window to the soul, lips are the engine of desire. Each of us dreams of that delicate scoop or pillowy pout. We pine for perfectly kissable lips that stop conversation in every room. Unfortunately, we’re not all born with the lips we want most. Some of us need a little help, especially as we age. Natural volume loss can reduce already thin lips to uninspired lines. But with a simple, quick, and safe injection, your ideal lips are just a phone call away.

At Skin MD in Chicago, IL, we combine expert aestheticians with leading-edge lip fillers to make dreams come true. With just 30 minutes of your time, you can enjoy fuller, plumper lips for six months or longer. Our skilled aestheticians listen to you before drawing up a plan of improvement, tactically injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to sculpt and amplify your lips. So, what did you have in mind? Contact Skin MD today and tell us how we can help you achieve the lips of your wildest desires.

Call Today & Enjoy Your Perfect Lips Tomorrow!

Like Botox® and dermal fillers before them, lip fillers only need a few minutes of your time to provide instant, lasting results. Learn what our med spa services can do for you. Call now!

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Most of us expect the common symptoms of aging—wrinkles, sagging skin, and undereye bags. But we may not expect the volume loss in our cheeks, lips, and elsewhere. As we age, we lose some of the natural hyaluronic acid that fills and hydrates our skin from beneath. This creates a gaunt appearance that can make us look tired, hollow, or simply old.

Lip fillers are made of the same HA that our body sheds as we age. By injecting lip fillers carefully at tactical spots along the lips, we not only boost volume but shape and sculpt them, too. Once injected, lip fillers stay in place for lasting results that you’ll see, feel, and love.

Benefits of Lip Fillers:

  • Enhanced lip volume
  • Contoured lip shape
  • Quick treatment (30 minutes or less)
  • Long lasting (6 months or longer)
  • Reversible
  • Boosted confidence
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Non-surgical
  • Minimal to no downtime

Who’s a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers?

Thin, asymmetrical lips plague people of all ages and backgrounds. We may have disliked our lips from an early age or noticed them thinning as we grow older. Thankfully, lip fillers (like the popular Juvéderm) not only boost volume and contours—they hydrate and support lips, too.

Good candidates for lip fillers have thin, asymmetrical, cracked, or deflated lips. This quick injectable treatment is not recommended for those with high blood pressure or diabetes. The treatment isn’t ideal for pregnant women or those currently taking blood thinners. Otherwise healthy adults are ideal candidates for dermal fillers and lip fillers.

Before Your Lip Filler Appointment:

  • Avoid blood thinners (one week prior)
  • Avoid some supplements (one week prior)
  • Refrain from topical skin care products (two days prior)
  • Refrain from waxing, tweezing, & hair removal (two days prior)
  • Avoid alcohol (24 hours prior)

Are you a good candidate for lip fillers near Chicago, IL? Contact us online or call us at 708-636-3767 to learn what lip fillers can do for you.


What Lip Filler Patients Are Saying

A Caring, Human Touch

Dr. Sergeyenko is fantastic. He’s very detailed and attentive and seems to really care about patients. The office is very well run and uses the right amount of technology to execute their business…but you can always get a human on the line if you need to. Flexible hours, too.

T. Huestis
Rating: 5

Always Welcoming New Patients

It was my first appt at the Evergreen location and I was very pleased with the service and staff. I saw Dr. Chris Krippinger. He knew right away what was happening to my skin and provided a treatment plan. It’s been two weeks and I am seeing the results. I recommend Skin MD.

Rita B.
Rating: 5

Listening to Patients of All Ages

Me and my son love the excellent customer service, and care that we get here. From the front desk all the way down to the physician, they take their time to listen and provide the best care. We really appreciate everyone here.

Latisha D.
Rating: 5


Why Choose Skin MD For Lip Fillers?

Trained Aestheticians

Our licensed aestheticians care deeply about your skin & enjoy nothing better than offering customized solutions to meet your goals.

Skin Care Versatility

From acne treatments and Mohs Surgery to 21st-century cosmetic solutions like microneedling & lip fillers, we have you covered.

World-Class Providers

Our providers are leaders in their field with numerous fellowships, publications, professional memberships, & academic achievements to their names.

Multiple Locations

We serve several Chicago communities, including Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park. Find a Skin MD office near you!

Financing & Promotions

We make getting the care you need affordable with expert financing options, frequently updated promotions, & so much more.

Your Questions Answered

Lip Fillers FAQs

The plumping and sculpting effects of lip fillers may last for six months or longer. Each of us metabolizes lip fillers differently. Like our own natural hyaluronic acid, we may lose more or less lip filler over time. On average, patients can expect half a year or more of boosting results.

To learn more about how dermal fillers work, how long they last, or if you’re a good candidate, call Skin MD in Chicago, IL, at 708-636-3767 today.

Like other neuromodulators and dermal fillers, lip fillers are administered through a quick, targeted injection. Patients should expect minimal to no discomfort throughout the procedure. That said, your individual comfort level with needles may make the treatment more or less tolerable for you. Most patients describe a quick, pain-free treatment for results that last half a year or longer.
Numerous factors can affect the affordability of lip fillers. Provider experience, lip filler variety, and patient expectations can drive the price up or down, respectively. On average, patients should expect to spend a minimum of $400-$1,500. At Skin MD, we’re dedicated to making our most popular procedures affordable for everyone. That’s why we offer expert financing options and even occasional promotions—so you can get the treatments you love at a price you can afford.

Schedule Your Appointment for The Lips of Your Dreams

We’re not all born with lips that stop traffic or that drive onlookers wild. But with leading lip fillers in Chicago, IL, you can choose the lips you want most. At Skin MD, our expert aestheticians have trained extensively in lip filler placement. We can craft and customize a pair of perfectly pouty lips to accentuate your natural beauty and allure. Give us half an hour of your time and enjoy plumper lips for half a year or longer.

Schedule your lip filler appointment today by contacting Skin MD. With locations in Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park, we’re creating results Chicago loves in a community just like yours.