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Gain ground in the battle against acne with modern, leading-edge treatments.

You’ve fought against acne. Now, you can win.

21st-Century Acne Treatments in Chicago, IL

Of all the chronic skin conditions, acne is the widest known for a reason. Acne affects tens of millions of Americans each year—that’s countless outbreaks, billions of whiteheads, and a sizable portion of the nation looking for better treatment options, just like you. Acne does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, or race. It affects teens, adults, and even those in middle age or beyond. For these reasons, among so many others, acne has earned its spot as the most uncomfortable and disruptive skin condition today. But that is starting to change.

At Skin MD, LLC, we’ve trained to defeat acne for decades. With a collective century of experience among our industry-leading dermatologists, we can pair you with newer, better treatment options that actually make a difference. If you’ve tried over-the-counter medications or topical creams without effect, now is the time to change tactics. Let us outfit you to live a life with fewer outbreaks, less impactful acne scars, and a renewed sense of freedom.

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In the fight against acne, we’ll use everything at our disposal—up to & including the kitchen sink. But not every acne treatment is up to the task. Contact us & find something that works for you.

Most Common Types of Acne

To complicate an already stubborn skin condition, acne comes in several varieties—some more serious and painful than others. Regardless of which kind of acne you or a loved one have, one thing’s for certain: life with acne can be embarrassing, painful, and frustrating.

At Skin MD, we’re equipped to treat all forms of acne for results that truly make a difference. Let’s examine your symptoms, diagnose your condition, and devise a treatment plan that really works.

Types of Acne:

  • Hormonal Acne: Drastic or sudden changes in hormone levels can lead to an overproduction of sebum—a natural skin oil. In certain amounts, this oil makes it easier for dead skin cells, toxins, and bacteria to clog and infect pores, leading to acne outbreaks. 
  • Cystic Acne: Most common in teens and young adults, cystic acne is notable for its severe inflammation. Along with the common whiteheads and blackheads, cystic acne also results in painful cysts.
  • Nodular Acne: Without appropriate treatment, the subdermal (beneath the skin) lumps caused by nodular acne can lead to severe or even lifelong scarring. Fueled by bacteria, nodules can last for weeks or months, drastically limiting your enjoyment and quality of life.
  • Fungal Acne: Typified by clusters of small papules (itchy, red bumps), fungal acne is actually a yeast infection of the hair follicles (pores). Fungal acne can be identified by an intense itching sensation—more severe on average than normal skin irritation.

Most Effective Acne Treatments

If there were one effective treatment for all forms of acne, we would happily offer it. Unfortunately, given the numerous types and causes of acne, treatments usually benefit from a multimodal approach.

At Skin MD, we’ll diagnose your acne before recommending a combination of leading treatments to finally make the difference you want most. One or a combination of topical or oral medications can shift the needle in your favor.

Most Effective Acne Treatments:

  • Topical medications to relieve inflammation
  • Topical or oral antibiotics to get rid of bacteria
  • Hormonal medications to treat an imbalance
  • Medications to reduce oil production and promote exfoliation
  • Chemical peels to treat acne and diminish acne scars

The right approach for you not only reduces the frequency and intensity of acne outbreaks, but reduces your risk of scarring as well. To learn which combination of treatments you need, contact Skin MD today!


Clear Skin, Happy People

A Caring, Human Touch

Dr. Sergeyenko is fantastic. He’s very detailed and attentive and seems to really care about patients. The office is very well run and uses the right amount of technology to execute their business…but you can always get a human on the line if you need to. Flexible hours, too.

T. Huestis
Rating: 5

Always Welcoming New Patients

It was my first appt at the Evergreen location and I was very pleased with the service and staff. I saw Dr. Chris Krippinger. He knew right away what was happening to my skin and provided a treatment plan. It’s been two weeks and I am seeing the results. I recommend Skin MD.

Rita B.
Rating: 5

Listening to Patients of All Ages

Me and my son love the excellent customer service, and care that we get here. From the front desk all the way down to the physician, they take their time to listen and provide the best care. We really appreciate everyone here.

Latisha D.
Rating: 5


Why Choose Skin MD For Acne Treatments?

Family Dermatology

At Skin MD, we serve everyone. From pediatric dermatology to teens & adults, our providers treat patients of all ages with respect & expertise.

Skin Care Versatility

From acne treatments and Mohs Surgery to 21st-century cosmetic solutions like microneedling & lip fillers, we have you covered.

World-Class Providers

Our providers are leaders in their field with numerous fellowships, publications, professional memberships, & academic achievements to their names.

Multiple Locations

We serve several Chicago communities, including Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park. Find a Skin MD office near you!

Financing & Promotions

We make getting the care you need affordable with expert financing options, frequently updated promotions, & so much more.

Your Questions Answered

Acne FAQs

Unfortunately, acne has several distinct causes—each of them different. In many, an overproduction of sebum (natural skin oil) traps dead skin cells, oils, and toxins, leading to infections in the hair follicles (pores). In other cases, a yeast infection, hormonal change, or other causes may be to blame.

Regardless of what’s causing your acne, effective treatments are just a phone call away. Call Skin MD in Chicago for the latest acne treatments at 708-636-3767.

When we’re younger, our skin can heal practically overnight. But as we age, our body’s production of elastin and collagen—two natural structural proteins—slows. Thankfully, several minimally or non-invasive treatments exist to supercharge collagen, cleanse the skin, or promote cellular turnover for the faster healing of new and old scars.

Chemical peels, microneedling, and even certain facials can reverse stubborn acne scars. Learn more about our cosmetic dermatology treatment in Chicago today!

For mild, moderate, and even severe acne, tretinoin (brand name: Refissa or Retin-A) is among the most effective acne treatments. This prescription-strength topical solution works by speeding up cellular turnover for newer, healthier skin on average. As a synthetic form of vitamin A, tretinoin is stronger than many retinols, though it may not be appropriate for those with sensitive skin.

To learn if tretinoin is right for you, contact Skin MD in Chicago today!

Learn, Fight, & Win The Battle Against Acne at Skin MD

You don’t have to be a skin care enthusiast to worry about the quality and appearance of your face, back, buttocks, arms, or legs. Acne outbreaks make it hard to put our best face forward or approach each day with a sense of optimism. Thankfully, you’re far from powerless. Newer, better treatment options are making a serious difference for the tens of millions of Americans who suffer from acne each year. They can make a difference for you, too.

To find a treatment or combination of treatments that finally shift the fight in your favor, reach out to Skin MD today. With Chicago’s leading dermatologists on our side, we can’t help but win.