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Leading treatment options for the most serious form of skin cancer.

Effective treatments, proven results.

Chicago’s Leaders in The Latest Melanoma Treatments

Our hair, eyes, and skin get their color from a naturally occurring pigment called melanin. But when melanin-producing skin cells mutate, they can spread and develop into a life-threatening disease. Melanoma is by far the most dangerous form of skin cancer due to its aggressive spread. Without vigilance, melanoma can grow at breakneck speed. There is good news, though—when detected early, melanoma has an exceedingly high survival rate.

At Skin MD in Chicago, IL, we know how to deal with melanoma. With regular skin cancer screenings and the latest surgical techniques on your side, you can get back to your life with a clean bill of health. Early detection is key, however. Without regular check-ups, melanoma can quickly become an existential threat. Get and stay healthy by contacting our expert dermatologists in Chicago today! Find us at one of our four locations throughout Chicago, including Orland Park, Skokie, and Evergreen Park.

Don’t Let Melanoma Surprise You. Stay Vigilant.

Chances are good that you know someone who caught melanoma early. With regular skin cancer screenings and the latest treatments, you can heal and live, too. Call today.

The Risk Factors of Melanoma

Although skin cancer affects many of us, some are more likely to develop it. The healthcare community mostly agrees that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is the leading cause of melanoma. But sunlight affects each of us differently.

Everything from your skin tone to your elevation above sea level can have an impact on your chances of melanoma. If you share one or more of the following risk factors in common, contact Skin MD for a skin cancer screening today.

Melanoma Risk Factors:

  • Prolonged UV Exposure: Spending hours outdoors without wearing sunscreen and visiting tanning beds frequently can put you at elevated risk of melanoma. If you have a history of severe sunburns, you should get checked today.
  • Skin Tone: The amount of melanin (pigment) in your skin is directly related to how your skin handles UV light. Lighter skin tones have less melanin and are at higher risk of melanoma, though those with darker skin can still get skin cancer.
  • Family History: If a close relative (or several) has had skin cancer before, you may be at higher risk yourself.
    Weakened Immune System: Certain medications and diseases may weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to skin cancers of every type, including melanoma.
  • Location: UV rays are more potent at higher elevations and along the equator. If you’ve lived at either of these locations for many years, you may be at higher risk.

Leading Treatment Options for Melanoma

As with other skin cancers, early detection is pivotal for the successful treatment of melanoma. While not the most common form of skin cancer, melanoma is among the most aggressive. For this, among other reasons, it’s often referred to as the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

With regular checkups and these leading treatment options, you may be able to avoid the worst consequences of melanoma.

Melanoma Treatments:

  • Surgery: We may remove the tumor surgically with wide excision, Mohs surgery, and other gold-standard procedures.
  • Immunotherapy: By training your immune system to identify and attack dangerous melanoma cells, immunotherapy combines well with other treatments.
  • Chemotherapy: Recommended most often for melanoma in advanced stages, chemotherapy is effective for managing this form of skin cancer.
  • Drug Therapy: Targeted therapy drugs take the fight directly to melanoma cells. As part of a multimodal melanoma treatment plan, drug therapy gives you an edge.

If you have a family history of skin cancer, spend hours outdoors, or have fair skin, you may be at higher risk. Schedule your skin cancer screening at Skin MD by calling us at 708-636-3767.


What Our Melanoma Patients Say

A Caring, Human Touch

Dr. Sergeyenko is fantastic. He’s very detailed and attentive and seems to really care about patients. The office is very well run and uses the right amount of technology to execute their business…but you can always get a human on the line if you need to. Flexible hours, too.

T. Huestis
Rating: 5

Always Welcoming New Patients

It was my first appt at the Evergreen location and I was very pleased with the service and staff. I saw Dr. Chris Krippinger. He knew right away what was happening to my skin and provided a treatment plan. It’s been two weeks and I am seeing the results. I recommend Skin MD.

Rita B.
Rating: 5

Listening to Patients of All Ages

Me and my son love the excellent customer service, and care that we get here. From the front desk all the way down to the physician, they take their time to listen and provide the best care. We really appreciate everyone here.

Latisha D.
Rating: 5


Why Choose Skin MD For Melanoma Treatment?

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At Skin MD, we serve everyone. From pediatric dermatology to teens & adults, our providers treat patients of all ages with respect & expertise.

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From acne treatments and Mohs Surgery to 21st-century cosmetic solutions like microneedling & lip fillers, we have you covered.

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Your Questions Answered

Melanoma FAQs

It’s nearly impossible to identify melanoma with the naked eye alone. That said, you can be the first line of defense. To monitor suspicious moles, use the ABCDE method of melanoma.

  • A for Asymmetry: Melanoma is rarely circular. It won’t appear as a perfect circle often.
  • B for Border: Melanoma doesn’t have well-defined borders.
  • C for Color: Melanoma may change colors frequently while benign moles remain a single shade.
  • D for Diameter: If any mole is larger in diameter than a pencil eraser, it needs to be checked.
  • E for Evolution: If the characteristics of a mole or lesion change frequently, it could be dangerous.

Schedule your skin cancer screening today by calling Skin MD at 708-636-3767.

Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible to have melanoma for weeks or years without knowing. Depending on how closely you monitor your skin, how often you visit a dermatologist, and which form of melanoma you have, you may not notice a dangerous mole or its symptoms until it’s too late.

With early detection, melanoma has a 99% survival rate. So get checked today by contacting Skin MD in Chicago, IL.

In its early stages, melanoma may itch occasionally. Still, this depends on the type of melanoma. In other instances, melanoma may present with no noticeable symptoms beyond the visible blemish or mole. Because this form of skin cancer is aggressive, and because you can’t count on one or more symptoms other than the mole itself, it’s vital that you schedule regular skin cancer screenings—especially if you’re at higher risk.

Stop Melanoma with Early Detection & Treatment

When caught early, melanoma is successfully treated 99% of the time. In many respects, early detection is the best form of treatment. Regular skin cancer screenings—especially for those at higher risk of skin cancers—can and do save lives. Newer, better treatments are emerging each day, but this skin cancer is aggressive. Vigilance, observation, and regular visits to your dermatologist can position you to fight melanoma and win.

Don’t wait to learn you’ve had melanoma for weeks or years. Know today by contacting the expert dermatologist at Skin MD in Chicago, IL. Let’s get you that clean bill of health!