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Even in the best circumstances, being the center of attention can be daunting. But for those with rosacea, it’s even harder to make great first impressions or to appear cool, confident, and collected. Persistent blushing makes us look winded or addled. Our inflamed cheeks suggest we’ve just run up several flights of stairs or stayed in the sun too long. Over time, rosacea can even enlarge our noses or cause blood vessels to swell so they’re visible through the skin. Taken together, these symptoms add up.

At Skin MD, LLC, in Chicago, IL, we know how uncomfortable and unwanted rosacea can be. Even though rosacea gets less attention than acne or eczema, it affects one out of every 10 Americans. Now, with modern treatments and advanced skin science, we can help you manage rosacea’s worst symptoms. Put your best face forward by turning down the heat on your skin. Contact Skin MD today!

Manage Your Rosacea Symptoms Today!

Regardless of how long you’ve suffered from rosacea, relief is just a phone call away. Discover modern treatments and make a drastic difference in your daily quality of life.

Common Rosacea Triggers

For many, the most aggravating part of life with rosacea is the mysterious flare-ups. Sometimes, it seems like nearly anything can cause sudden redness, burning, and stinging. While rosacea triggers differ from person to person, some causes are more common than others.

Part of living with rosacea is managing your known triggers. Be on the lookout for the relationship between certain environments/behaviors and your rosacea flare-ups.

Common Rosacea triggers:

  • Alcohol
  • Temperature extremes (hot & cold)
  • Strong wind
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Spicy foods
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Certain medications (such as vasodilators)
  • Certain skin care products

If you notice a relationship between these triggers and your rosacea, don’t panic. Modern medicine may be able to manage your symptoms while you enjoy your favorite foods, beverages, or activities. To learn more about how to manage your rosacea flare-ups, contact Skin MD today!

Most Effective Rosacea Treatments

At Skin MD in Chicago, IL, we may suggest one or a combination of leading-edge rosacea treatments to help you live without flare-ups more days on average. By caring for your skin, taking the right medication, and observing the relationship between triggers and flare-ups, you can be a vital part of your own treatment.

Most Effective Rosacea Treatments:

  • Prescription Medications: Dozens of topical and oral medications exist to reduce the blushing, flushing, and inflammation typical of rosacea. At Skin MD, we may recommend applying brimonidine or oxymetazoline topical solutions on the affected skin. Additionally, oral antibiotics and even some tried-and-true acne medications can help you manage symptoms better on a daily basis.
  • Skin Care: While rosacea triggers differ, we know that protecting your skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiation can make a major difference. By simply moisturizing your skin and regularly using sunscreen, you can see a difference. Our expert dermatologists can talk you through a rosacea-centered skin care routine. Gentle skin care products, facials, and other easy-to-use skin care products and treatments are effective for rosacea.


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Dr. Sergeyenko is fantastic. He’s very detailed and attentive and seems to really care about patients. The office is very well run and uses the right amount of technology to execute their business…but you can always get a human on the line if you need to. Flexible hours, too.

T. Huestis
Rating: 5

Always Welcoming New Patients

It was my first appt at the Evergreen location and I was very pleased with the service and staff. I saw Dr. Chris Krippinger. He knew right away what was happening to my skin and provided a treatment plan. It’s been two weeks and I am seeing the results. I recommend Skin MD.

Rita B.
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Me and my son love the excellent customer service, and care that we get here. From the front desk all the way down to the physician, they take their time to listen and provide the best care. We really appreciate everyone here.

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Your Questions Answered

Rosacea FAQs

At the moment, there’s no consensus among the medical community about the exact cause of rosacea. Some studies suggest that rosacea has a genetic link. Other studies have noted an underlying immune response. As research continues, our best bet is managing rosacea symptoms and reducing discomfort so that patients can live full, confident lives.

To learn more about your treatment options, contact the expert dermatologists at Skin MD today! Call us at 708-636-3767.

Rosacea comes in several forms, but the symptoms are mostly the same. Rosacea can manifest in numerous uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Persistent flushing or blushing
  • Swollen red bumps
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Burning sensations
  • Enlarged nose
  • Eye irritation

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, it may be time for a checkup. Contact Skin MD today and put us on the case.

Itching is a less common symptom of rosacea, most commonly associated with the papulopustular variety of the skin condition. More often than not, patients report a burning or stinging sensation, which may feel like itchiness on occasion.

Learn How to Effectively Manage Your Rosacea Symptoms

At work, at lunch with friends, and even at major events, your rosacea takes center stage. It’s hard to feel like you’re in control when constant blushing and burning sabotage your best-laid plans. Beyond sinking your confidence, rosacea can lead to seriously uncomfortable symptoms. Eye irritation or swollen bumps can flare up in cold weather, hot weather, and on windy afternoons. Thankfully, modern treatments can help you manage your symptoms and take back your life.

At Skin MD in Chicago, IL, we combine leading skin care options with expert guidance to put the power back where it belongs—in your hands. Contact us today and take back your skin.