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Secret to a Natural Looking Nose Job

Each year in the United States, about 215,000 Americans undergo best natural rhinoplasty— more commonly called a nose job. In years past, having a smaller, perfectly straight, symmetrical nose was one of the main reasons people underwent nose jobs. Today, our culture has embraced the many differences in what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

When it comes to nose nose jobs, revising your nose to fit perfectly with your unique facial features is the new norm. And John Rachel, MD, our skilled facial plastic surgeon at SkinMD, with four convenient locations to serve the greater Chicago area, understands that. Dr. Rachel tailors your rhinoplasty to best suit your needs and your facial structure.

Here he provides some tips regarding the secret to a natural-looking nose job.

Communicate clearly about your desired outcome

While you may have strong feelings about what you don’t like about your nose, you may not really know how to communicate them. Be sure to use specifics when discussing your desired outcome with your surgeon. The difference between, “I don’t like my profile,” and “When I see my profile in pictures, I focus on the bulbous tip of my nose,” can make a difference in helping your doctor understand in detail what you’d like to change about your nose.

Be open to recommendations

You’ve lived with your nose all your life, so you undoubtedly have ideas about what you want to change. That’s a great place to begin, but it’s also a good idea to be open to the recommendations of your facial plastic surgeon — the expert in the field of rhinoplasty.

For example, maybe you don’t like the length of your nose or the bump in the middle of it. After close examination and taking your other facial features into consideration, your surgeon may recommend a way to reshape your nose that you hadn’t thought of. It may make more sense to reshape your nose differently than you originally thought for the most natural appearance afterward.

Think of your nose in relation to the rest of your facial features

You may feel like your nose is the first thing anyone notices about you when you walk into a room, but that’s probably more of your own perception than the reality. You also have eyes, a mouth, a forehead, and cheekbones, so it only makes sense that in order to get a natural-looking nosejob, you have to consider your nose in relation to the rest of your face. A skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Rachel provides recommendations for rhinoplasty based on your overall facial features.

You may love the idea of a slender, petite nose, but if that doesn’t fit well with your other features, your tinier nose may look dramatically out of place. Rather than choosing to surgically alter your nose just to change your nose, it’s better to undergo rhinoplasty that makes your nose fit better with the rest of your unique facial features.

Ask questions, do research, and don’t rush in

When you consult with your plastic surgeon at SkinMD, be sure to ask questions. It’s your doctor’s job to educate you regarding your rhinoplasty surgery so you feel confident and comfortable with your decision. In the same regard, spend some time looking at before-and-after pictures, researching the procedure, the recovery, and anything else you’re unsure about.

The more you know before you schedule your nose job, the less surprised you’ll be about the experience overall. And never make a decision under pressure. Take your time to decide how and when you’d like to proceed with your nose job so you’re sure it’s the right procedure for you.

The team at SkinMD is there to help you feel confident, educated, and ready for a transformation on your timeline. In that vein, it’s also important to realize that the final results take time before they’re fully evident. Your nose goes through quite a bit of swelling, bruising, and reshaping before you begin to see your natural-looking results.

If a nose job is something you’ve considered for a while, you’re ready to take the first step. Schedule a consultation by calling the SkinMD office closest to you in either Orland Park, Skokie, Evergreen Park, or Chicago. Or you can click the “request appt” button on this website.

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