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Go Shaveless This Summer With Laser Hair Removal

While summer might be months away, it’s the perfect time to start preparing for a carefree, hairless season! ☀️
Enjoy a 10% discount when you schedule 3 laser hair removal treatments with our Certified Aesthetician.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any inquiries or to arrange an appointment! 📞 708-274-4210

Top Advantages of Laser Hair Removal at Skin MD:

  • It’s Quick
    Laser hair removal works instantly and keeps on working all summer long with only several short appointments.
  • It’s Precise
    By only targeting the darker pigment in hair, laser hair removal leaves surrounding skin unharmed.
  • It Prevents Ingrown Hairs
    When compared to waxing and shaving, laser hair removal results in dramatically fewer ingrown hairs.
  • It’s Versatile
    Laser hair removal is powerful enough for larger areas (like the back and legs) and precise enough for sensitive areas (like your lip or bikini line).
  • It Slows Hair Growth
    Hairs in the target area should grow back lighter in color, slighter in stature, and much, much slower than before.
  • It’s Long Lasting
    Laser hair removal goes the distance with lasting results over waxing or shaving and even permanent results in some cases!
* A consultation is required. 

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